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Obedience Training

Obedience Training consist of techniques to teach your pet to respond by acting in a certain way on a particular command like "Sit", "Stay", "Leave", "Fetch", "Come" etc. These training are based on Positive Reinforcements (Treat, Affection and/or Play as reward) offered when they perform the action on the command. With lots of repetitions, dogs tend to respond to the command expecting the reward in return and slowly inherits the habit to respond even without a reward. It is recommended that even after the pet has learnt a command, regular reinforcement should be done during the training sessions with the rewards to keep them motivated to respond to the command. As these trainings involve rewarding your pet, it is easier to learn the techniques yourself and apply on the pet. There are lots videos, articles and books available on how you can train your pet for these commands. These are effective only if patience and consistence is shown in the training.

As commands are used to make your pet do something when asked and the response to any command is temporary, most of the behaviours where you want them to stop showing, can not be fixed by the commands.

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