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Your Pet Might Need Help

Distress May Cause Extreme Behavioural Changes In Your Pet

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Any behaviour shown by your pet could just be a symptom where the pet might be experiencing something causing it to behave like that.

Every-time applying the traditional way of correcting the behaviour could lead to suppressing the situation which could further aggravate the situation.

Be it excessive biting during puppyhood, toilet training not progressing as expected, destruction at home, aggression towards other dogs or humans, reactivity while walking on the leash, every behaviour has a hidden reason behind your pet showing it. Unless you do not get to know it, you might not be able to find the right solution too.

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It's About Nurturing, Not Training

Make sure you are putting right efforts from initial days to make your pet understand the boundaries that they have adhere in human world



Explaining the behaviour of your pet that is bothering you. Related information is collected from the parents

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Initial Behaviour Analysis

Explanation of possible reasons for such behaviours

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Recreating the behaviour to validate the reason


Explaining Reasons and Correction Plan

Confirming the problem, reason for the behaviour and explaining the corrective measures. Detailing the psychological impact of the corrections on the pet and how it would help fixing the behaviour

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Practicing the corrections with the parents and validating the results

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Follow Up

Getting updates on the progress shown by the pet and scheduling the sessions for further actions

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Having An Edge

  • Helped many pet parents by recommending simple solutions for major behavioural issues

  • Helped parents build better bonding with their pets

  • Helped parents to know ways to engage their pets in most productive ways

  • Helped parents to know the benefits and challenges of the pet based on individual personality, breed, and gender

  • Offer customised solution based on the concern, circumstances, environment and practically feasible application

  • Helped the pets by changing the parent’s expectations and making them understand the personality of their pet



Making The Pet World SIMPLE!!

Experiencing the journey from having extreme fear of canines to professionally working with hundreds of dogs with severe behavioural issues, time has made Vaibhav learn not only about dog behaviours but also knowing different challenges that parents can face due to lack of knowledge about the species. 

Learning about the dogs from the dogs themselves, be it interacting with street dogs, helping friends for their challenges with their pets and upbringing his own dogs with great social behaviours apart from professionally working with hundreds of pet dogs gives Vaibhav an edge from others.

According to Vaibhav, most of the issues of the pets can be resolved with simple solutions instead making things too complicated for parents to understand and apply. Vaibhav has never conducted any group session and has always believed in working with individual pets at their home where the actual problem exists. This also helps parents to be more open in elaborating about their challenges.

After quitting his comfortable job in IT industry, Vaibhav started his carrier as Dog Behavioural Consultant to follow his passion. With years of experience of resolving all sort of problems with the pet dogs, starting from mere puppy biting to fixing severe aggressions in difficult dogs, Vaibhav has helped thousands of parents in need of assistance with his simple and effective solutions. 

Help Center

Do I need to bring my pet to the centre?

    No, all the sessions are conducted at pet’s location unless any behaviour needs to be replicated at a place away from home

Can I connect for online/ On Call consultations?

    Yes. On call consultations are available for the issues which does not need visualisation of the behaviour or needs practical application of the correction by me

Can Online consultation help for all the problems with the pet?

    No. Online consultation helps only for the clarification of queries and general issues in the pet. There are many complicated issues which would need in-person sessions to address the issue.

What methodology is used for corrections?

    There is no universal way of correcting specific behaviour. Corrections are recommended based on the comfort of the parents. Nothing is done and prescribed without parent’s consent.

How many sessions are required for my pet?

    After every session, parents need to apply the correction and give the feedback for the outcome. Subsequent session is scheduled based on the feedback. There are no fixed number of sessions that are mandated for any parent.

How much would the training cost?

    There is no program that is mandated with minimum number of sessions. Sessions are conducted on need basis to address the concern shared. Charges are hourly basis.

Which commands will be taught to my pet during the sessions?

    • I do not provide regular command-based trainings. I focus on fixing the concerns or queries of the parents for their pet.

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